Főoldal Programs
  • Cave tours   ( 8 Articles )

    The visitors will have unique experiences if they visit the caves of the World Heritage Program. The guests can choose among a lot of tours which start continuously and seasonably.  

  • Sport possibilities   ( 4 Articles )
    Sportolási lehetőségek

    The optimal surface relief makes it possible to do the following sports: horse riding, trail running, nordic walking, cycling.  

  • School trips   ( 8 Articles )

    We can offer diverse and interesting programs for students such as the part of the World Heritage Program caves, medieval ruins, the forest school program of the National Park in Aggtelek etc. The area is rich in geologic, biologic, historical must see things even for students from colleges.  

  • Tours on the surface   ( 22 Articles )
    Felszíni túrák

    Quiet, green hills, steep cliffs, running streams make the landscape diverse on the karst. The well established study path and tour-route-system (National Kéktúra) make the orientation easy. 

    Recommended map: Cartographia Gömör-Tornai karst.

  • Hunting   ( 1 Article )
    Bérvadászat az Aggteleki Nemzeti Park területén.

    Hunting on the territory of the National Park in Aggtelek.

    'Always be an honest hunter, high-minded, patient and polite. Protect, respect and love the nature. Not to shoot only but feed and take care of the game. The precise shot should be your pride and in case of bruising you have to look for the bruised animal and put it out of its pain. Respect and keep in mind the Hungarian hunting tradition, share your experiences with your friends and the next generation.'

    Hunters' oath


Online foglalás/Online booking

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The hostel is awaiting the guests with its 2, 3, 4 bed rooms during th whole year. 
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New trunk houses with all modern conveniences with 50 mand 7 beds.
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Cave tours

The visitors can choose among several cave tours. There are permanent and periodic tours, too.
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Tours on the surface

Well ellaborated study path and tour-route-system (Országos Kéktúra). Recommended map: Cartographia Gömör-Tornai karszt.
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School trips

The most important theme of the forest school is the relationship between the humans and nature and the explanation of the human-nature interaction.
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Információk/Useful information

ANPI Calendar 2012

You can check here the programs of the National Park in Aggtelek issued by the year of 2013. 
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Departure time and prices of the cave tours

You can check here the valid departure time and prices of the cave tours issed by ANPI for the year of 2012. 
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Departure time and prices of the surface tours

Here you can check the agenda 2012 valid departure time and prices for the surface tours. 
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Rólunk írták/Articles about us

Articles about us

It was written about us at the www.szallas.hu website.
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