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Tours on the surface
Felszíni túrák

Quiet, green hills, steep cliffs, running streams make the landscape diverse on the karst. The well established study path and tour-route-system (National Kéktúra) make the orientation easy. 

Recommended map: Cartographia Gömör-Tornai karst.

Bódvalenke the fresco village 30 kilometres far from Aggtelek
Bódvalenke a freskófalu
Bódvalenke is the only settlement in the world where the walls of the houses are decorated by pictures. Hungarian and foreign gipsies applied to paint on the facades of the houses. By the year 2011, 20 monumental work have been finished as a team-work of 10 artists. These are common artwork and sights all at once.
Mohos House- Kelemér
Mohos-Ház - Kelemér
Kelemér is located north from Putnok in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county which used to be Gömör county. The surrounding area is full of natural values. The Lakes Mohos are acutely preserved.

Szádelő Valley (Slovakia)
Szádelő-völgy (Szlovákia)

The huge and beautiful canyon valley is located near Szádelő. The shape of the valley was formed by the Szár stream. The silent stream and the beautiful landscapes are the characzeristics of this area. The most interesting formation of the valley is the 105-metre-high cliff, called Cukorsüveg liked very much by the alpinists. There are a lot caves and several water-flows in the valley, too.

In the corner of North-East Hungary can be found the ruins of Szádvár. Because of the lack of excavations we don't know much about the history of this castle. The only sure thing is that the building got kingdom title because on the other side of the Ménes Valley another castle falled into ruins.   


Szendrő Castle
Szendrői vár

In the valley of River Bódva on the area of Szendrő many castles were built by the landlords. The first one was built by the Bebek family as an accommodation for the lords. After in the 16th century the castle was outmoded for army tasks, on the top of the mountain another castle was built by Italian artificer officers.  Szendrő was an important place for defence because it protected Kassa from the foreign attacks. There were desperate battles for the occupation between the Habsburg family’s army and István Bocskai, Gábor Bethlen and György Rákóczi’s I. troops.

Krasznahorka Castle (in Slovakia)
Krasznahorka vára (Szlovákia)

It is said about the area of Gömör in Slovakia that it is Hungarian Kingdom in miniature. Its mountains, valleys and villages were where our history took place. The collection of the castle and the special architectural solutions allure the people from everywhere. The weapons of the castle can be seen from the 19th century. The contemporary pictures on the walls from the 19th and 20th centuries ducoment the visitors in the past. Three pieces of the Baset horn also can be seen here. The furniture collection from the 18th and 19th centuries is really special.

Temporarily the castle cannot be visited. Predictable opening time is 09/2012.


The Ravenna in Gömör
A "gömöri Ravenna"

Franciska Andrássy and Dénes' Mausoleum in Krasznahorkaváralja.

Count Dénes Andrássy (1835-1913), the builder of the mausoleum in Krasznahorkaváralja was the last descendent of the Andrássy family from Monok. The Andrássy family played an important role in Hungary's later in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy history. 



The biggest book in the world
A világ legnagyobb könyve

The biggest book in the world registered by the Guinness World Records was finished in 21/03/2010. 


Address:Szinpetri, Dózsa Gy. 100. 
Opening time: Monday: closed

Tuesday - Sunday 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Derenk the ghost village

Derenk belonged to the historical Torna county, later it was an Abaúj-Torna comitat. Since 1943 it is a so called ruin settlemet. Since 1950 it belongs to Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. East from the Aggtelek Mountain the settlement is located on the south part of Alsó Mountain. This region is rich in karst sources. The ruins of Szádvár is still the part of the beautiful landscape. The border of Derenk belongs to the National Park in Aggtelek.


Ethnical and cultural programs in Jósvafő in the opned hovel
Néprajzi és művészeti programok Jósvafőn, a Nyitott Színben SZíNes gondolatok…

Thoughts from the hovel…„The future of Jósvafő  – The past of Jósvafő”



Folklore and cultural programs in Jósvafő in the Nyitott Szín
A (még) élő helyi népzene…

The still living folklore music…

'The future of Jósvafő – the past of Jósvafő'

Pictures, stories, music and singing...


Opened hovel- Jósvafő
Nyitott Szín – Jósvafő

Jósvafő település ófalui részében, a tájház és a harangtorony szomszédságában található Kisház kertjében épült hagyományos szín formájú építményben alkalmi falusivendégasztal szolgáltatással, ill. oktatási, néprajzi és művészeti programokkal várjuk Önöket!

Tour on the Szőlős Mountain with cellar visiting
Szőlőhegyi túra pinceház látogatással!

Get to know the cultural history and values of the Gömör-Torna-karst during a surface tour. The length of it is 4500 metres and the fall is 150 metres. It takes about 4 hours. The program includes a cellar visiting on the Szőlős Mountain, loacated 2,5 kilometres from Jósvafő.

Cultural history walking
Kultúrtörténeti séta

If you are interested in only the cultural history, you can visit the reformed church and the village house during a walking by daylight or at night. The tour is 500-metre-long and the fall is 50 metres. A guide leads the tour which takes about 60-50 minutes.

Walking in the old village
Ófalui séta
Get to know Jósvafő and the environment of the old village and its cultural background by a walk during daylight or at night. The tour is 1500-metre-long and the fall is 100 metres. There is a guide who leads the tour. It takes app. 2 hours.
Walking in Jósvafő
Jósvafői faluséta

Get to know Jósvafő and the area around the village with its cultural values by a walk at daylight or night-time with a guide. The tour is 2500-metre-long and the fall is 100 metres. The tour with the help of the guide lasts app. 3 hours.

Boldogkőváralja Next to Boldogkőváralja on the top of the latite tufa mountain the castle of  Boldogkőváralja is standing with its difformed delineation. The history of the castle is quite confused. The time of the building process is also unknown but that is sure it was built after the tartar invasion. As a fortress it defended the rout of Kassa and the Hernád Valley.
L’Huillier - Coburg Castle in Edelény
L’Huillier - Coburg-kastély, Edelény The L’Huillier - Coburg Castle in Edelény is one of the most significant and biggest baroque castle in Hungary. This was built by the captain of the castle in Eger, János Ferenc L’Huillier between 1716 and 1730. The castle is standing on the bank of Bódva which building is special because of its frescos. 
Andrássy Castle in Betlér
A betléri Andrássy-kastély

The Andrássy Castle in Betlér is one of the castles in Hungary with the best condition. It is true for the furnishing and the collection can be found here. This castle is the most visiting building because the visitors can see not only the castle but they can go for a walk in the English park, too. (app. 70 ha.)




Walking in the village in Aggtelek
Aggteleki faluséta

During the tour the visitors can admire the environment, the cultural, natural and built beauties of the landscape. There will be information about the ancient stucture of the settlements, buildings, agriculture and tools. 


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