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Sport possibilities
Sportolási lehetőségek

The optimal surface relief makes it possible to do the following sports: horse riding, trail running, nordic walking, cycling.  

From the National Park in Bükk to the National Park in Aggtelek
A Bükki Nemzeti Parkból az Aggteleki Nemzeti Parkba

The tourists will see both of the sights of the two National Parks from Szilvásvárad to Aggtelek. The tour goes across 12 settlements and its lenght is 75 kilometres.

The route: Szilvásvárad–Nagyvisnyó–Dédestapolcsány–Uppony–Borsodbóta–Sajómercse–Putnok–Kelemér–Zádorfalva–Ragály–Trizs–Aggtelek

Bodrogzug water tour
Bodrogzug vízitúra

The rules of the visiting changed in Bodrogzug in 2009 in connection with the water tours. The main point of the new regulation is that the tourists don’t need a permission of the authorities. To make an application visit please the following websites: http://bodrogzug.hu  or personally in Tokaj at three different places (ld. itt). The term of the visiting is to accept the regulations and the rules together with pay the given fees.

At the above mentioned website all the necessary information can be found such as the different kind of regulations, application form and other useful information. We hope these changes will be helpful for the guides and tourists, too.

Galyasági tour
Galyasági körtúra

During  the 50-kilometre-long tour the visitors go through 10 settlements and they will see the cultural, historical memories of the National Park. 

Route: Aggtelek–Trizs–Ragály–Imola–Kánó–(crossroad Égerszög, Teresztenye)–Szőlősardó–Éger Valley crossroad–Perkupa–Kenyérgyár crossroad– Szin–Szinpetri–Jósvafő–Aggtelek

Szelce-Szádvár tour
Szelce-Szádvár körtúra

On the territory of the National Park in Aggtelek, near the Aggtelek Domica border crossing point can be found the cyling tour section with its 51 kilometres lenght. The fall is 200 metres. 32 kilometres takes place on the road, 19 kilometres goes across on the terrain. 

Main stops: Aggtelek –Jósvafő–Szelce Valley–Szelcepuszta–Patkós Valley–Csemetekert– Ménes Valley–Vidomájpuszta–Vár Valley–Szögliget–Szin–Szinpetri–Jósvafő–the entrance of the Baradla Cave in Jósvafő–Aggtelek.



Online foglalás/Online booking

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Cave tours

The visitors can choose among several cave tours. There are permanent and periodic tours, too.
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Tours on the surface

Well ellaborated study path and tour-route-system (Országos Kéktúra). Recommended map: Cartographia Gömör-Tornai karszt.
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School trips

The most important theme of the forest school is the relationship between the humans and nature and the explanation of the human-nature interaction.
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Információk/Useful information

ANPI Calendar 2012

You can check here the programs of the National Park in Aggtelek issued by the year of 2013. 
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Departure time and prices of the cave tours

You can check here the valid departure time and prices of the cave tours issed by ANPI for the year of 2012. 
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Departure time and prices of the surface tours

Here you can check the agenda 2012 valid departure time and prices for the surface tours. 
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Rólunk írták/Articles about us

Articles about us

It was written about us at the www.szallas.hu website.
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