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Cave tours

The visitors will have unique experiences if they visit the caves of the World Heritage Program. The guests can choose among a lot of tours which start continuously and seasonably.  

Baradla Cave- Aggtelek
Baradla-barlang - Aggtelek

The Baradla Cave, its passage in Aggtelek, commonly known as Aggteleki Dripstone Cave is the most well-known phenomena of nature in the Aggteleki National Park or rather in Hungary.

During the one-hour short tour the most well-known rooms of the cave can be visited where the history of the cave is also introduced. In the Concert Hall, which has an excellent acoustic, the visitors can listen to a short piece of music.

Baradla Cave-Long and special tour
Baradla-barlang - Hosszú-túra és Speciális (Retek-ági) túra Aggtelek-Jósvafő

The Baradla Cave, its passage in Aggtelek, commonly known as Aggteleki Dripstone Cave is the most well-known phenomena of nature in the Aggteleki National Park or rather Hungary. This tour starts with the Short-tour passage, where the visitors can see the most well-known rooms, also used by the pre-historic man and listen to the story of the cave told by a guide. After a concert in the great acousitc Concert Hall the tour continues through the unlighted main passage reaching the exit in Jósvafő. The Long-tour and special Retek-passage tour are the longest tours in the cave.

Baradla Cave- Lake Vörös- Jósvafő
Vörös-tói túra - Baradla-barlang

The 25 kilometre long Baradla Cave can be visited not only in the section of Aggtelek. Besides the dripstone cave in Aggtelek, the cave itself is opened for the visitors between the Lake Vörös and Jósvafő passage, with its 2.3 km length. This section of the cave is the longest tourist cave in the world with its well-established, luminous concrete pavements. After the renovation of the Lake Vörös section in 2005 with its state-of-the-art lighting system will be entertaining for those too who visited the cave previously.

Béke Cave- Aggtelek
Béke-barlang - Aggtelek

The Béke Cave is the second longest cave in the Aggteleki-karszt. In its large routes every kind of formations can be seen. The cave is only well established on the entrance section, it is followed by an untouched part, where after a while the tourists will go in the stream until they reach the Kötélhágcsós-szifon point, which means the end of the tour. During going in the Béke Cave the visitors can experience the hardness of the cave exploring.


Imre Vass Cave- Aggtelek
Vass Imre-barlang - Jósvafő

Near the Ferenc Papp Research Center, at the end of the Tohonya Valley can be found the cave, what the tourists can approach with their guide starting from the cashier in Jósvafő. The trip there and back is 6 kilometres on the surface, in the cave app. 500 metres. It lasts app. 3 hours, the time spent in the cave is 1 hour.


Kossuth Cave- Jósvafő
Kossuth-barlang - Jósvafő

The Kossuth Cave with its active streams is a harder tour. The visitors won’t find here a lot of dripstones but they will have to climb cliffs, rope bridges and ladders reaching the terminal. The way back is the same route.

Rákóczi Cave-Bódvarákó
Rákóczi-barlang - Bódvarákó

The Rákóczi Cave on the area of Esztramosi Mountain (it used to be the quarry in Tornaszentandrás) can be approached by Bódvarákó. Because of the special crystals, formations and lakes this cave is outstanding. The visitors can approach the cave via the entrance of the mine. The access in the cave requires consideration. Proper clothes are also needed because in case of rainy weather the stairs can be mudded. Approach: before passing away the Bódvarákó village sign it is needed to turn left and go straight to the area of the olden mine (app. 1 kilometre).

Meteor Cave- Bódvaszilas
Meteor-barlang - Bódvaszilas

The most spectacular sinkhole of the National Park in Aggtelek is located near Bódvaszilas, at the botton of Alsó-hegy Kis-vizetes-töbör. The visiting of Meteor Cave requires endurance and good physical condition. The reach the entrance of the cave first the tourists have to climb on the Alsó Mountain. At he bottom of töbör there is a narrow entrance where the visitors can enter the Meteor Cave.



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