Nomád Baradla

The camping and hostel are located next to entrance of the Baradla Cave (Aggtelek Dripstone Cave). On the area of the camping and reception territory there is a huge grassy area with a playground, a picnic place, which things make this palce appropriate for class trips, too. We can offer special prices for the school trip groups. Further information


Permanent and seasonal prgrams, concerts in the cave, well ellaborated study path, tour-route-system (Országos Kéktúra), forest school organized by ANPI, horse riding, visiting the Hucul mob, walking in the village with taster, additional cultural sights, medieval ruins. Further information 

Nomád Baradla

ON-LINE booking

General information about online-booking. You can book the accommodation very simlpy. From the menu you can choose the most appropriate type of accommodation, check the price, have a look at our special offers and make the booking. If you have doubt in connection with the acommodation or traveling, you can attach your queries to the application form, so you can book online easily... Further information

World Heritage

The World Heritage Program was established by UNESCO. The aim of the program to preserve the cultural and natural values and also to register and categorize them. The progam is run by the  UNESCO-(World Heritage Committee). Further information


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Our guests can choose between the cheap accomodations and the higher priced, more exigent new trunk houses.

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Online foglalás/Online booking

Nomád Baradla Hostel

The hostel is awaiting the guests with its 2, 3, 4 bed rooms during th whole year. 
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Nomád Baradla trunk houses

New trunk houses with all modern conveniences with 50 mand 7 beds.
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Get informed about our prices

The guests can choose between the cheap accommodations and the higher priced, exigent, new trunk houses.
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Cave tours

The visitors can choose among several cave tours. There are permanent and periodic tours, too.
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Tours on the surface

Well ellaborated study path and tour-route-system (Országos Kéktúra). Recommended map: Cartographia Gömör-Tornai karszt.
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School trips

The most important theme of the forest school is the relationship between the humans and nature and the explanation of the human-nature interaction.
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Információk/Useful information

ANPI Calendar 2012

You can check here the programs of the National Park in Aggtelek issued by the year of 2013. 
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Departure time and prices of the cave tours

You can check here the valid departure time and prices of the cave tours issed by ANPI for the year of 2012. 
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Departure time and prices of the surface tours

Here you can check the agenda 2012 valid departure time and prices for the surface tours. 
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Rólunk írták/Articles about us

Articles about us

It was written about us at the www.szallas.hu website.
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